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death before dishonor

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This is a straight edge community. I'm not gonna explain to you what it is cause if you don't know what it is, you're not straight edge so get the fuck out.

Community Rules:

&;_ Everyone has different opinions.
&;_ Don't force edge on people, let them be what they wanna be.
&;_ Get out if you're not sxe.
&;_ If you're gonna' post a picture, quiz or survey, please use the lj-cut.
&;_ Don't hate and don't join if you're just gonna hate on people being sxe.
&;_ You gotta' live in California. What's the point of being in a CALI sxe community if you're not from Cali?

Basic SxE Rules:

&;_ No sex outside a commited relationship
&;_ No drugs
&;_ No alcohol

Maintained by: deathxcab and pink_is_sexxx