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Is this community dying?

 I've been a part of this community for a while now

but never posted in Here.Well I think it's about time that I do...even though it seems like no one has updated for a while.

Basic info. The name is Sylvia.I'm 18 years of age. I have been edge for two years now. Top five bands are Tiger Army,Horrorpops,MCR,It dies today,Atreyu and Boysnightout. Have no clue what else to write so peace out kids

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girls cant be straight edge.
its rule number 204 subsection 2 letter a
hahahaha wtf..ok...
WEll looks like i'm breaking rule number 204 then...*wait sorry...subsection 2 letter a*
haha ya it sucks
but its founded on that there are lik 8 girls that are edge over 21 who have been edge for over 5 years, and girls that didnt break edge last night at the party with weed. haha. have fun props to you tho if you dont break after 5 or 21
hahah 8 i know way more girls over the age of 26 that are edge and have been for the pass 10 years. I doubt I will break it..i;m not going to be one of those lames ass people who break edge at some dumb summer party. Besides I figure ...what's really the point of drinking and getting drunk? Or going out and smoking weed? It's just plain stupid to me, and a waste of money as well. I rather spend my money on other things. And rather live a longer life knowing i didn't fuck up my body on drugs.